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Optical fiber evanescent field technology



The benefits of this technology include using side-polishing techniques; a small portion of the cladding is removed to access the evanescent tail of the propagating wave in the fiber. The removed cladding is replaced with a material to facilitate the function required for the component. The processed optical fiber is used as a substrate and is formed in a single process. The method is non-invasive to the optical core and the components modify the wave propagation by locally changing the guiding conditions, rather than impinging the propagation path. The manufacturing processes utilised by Phoenix provide a low cost optical fiber base substrate onto which the component is built.

Fiberoptic Product News 04/04 ‘Optical Fiber evanescent field components – an overlooked technology?’ Dr Ian Giles




Side-Polished Optical Fibers

Based on its all-fiber technology, Phoenix Photonics offers side polished optical fibers as a stand alone product. Using a unique, low cost, high technology polishing process developed in-house over 10 years, Phoenix can mass produce polished fibers very accurately to suit the customers requirement.


Fuse Taper Technology

Phoenix’s custom-built fusion rigs are used to fabricate fused couplers, photonics lanterns, and other components used in the assembly of the Phoenix range.  


Thermal Polarization Control


Phoenix uses heat to provide all-fibre polarization control to filter, randomise, and alter the state of polarization of the light within the optical fibre. A range of PM fibre based components and multi-component modules are provided based on this technology.

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