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Welcome to Phoenix Photonics

Applications in photonics are wide and varied. The same techniques used to build telecommunications systems can be utilised in fiber optic sensing applications, bio-medical equipment, in the data centre, or simply on the workbench in the lab.


No matter their discipline, optical fiber engineers must overcome similar hurdles, requiring similar tools, in all areas. Phoenix began life developing optical temperature sensing systems. At the time many of the components needed were not commercially available, at least none that met the desired specifications. Phoenix set about developing its own component solutions, which soon developed into a successful product range in its own right.


This led to a culture where performance is always at the forefront of design. Phoenix endeavours to build products that meet and exceed expectations. The company can claim the highest extinction ratio In-line Fiber Polarizers available on the market, a Depolarizer market leader, and a range of unique Polarization Control equipment that gives one of the most environmentally stable measurements on the market.


Phoenix is constantly developing existing and new technologies. Please check the Technology Page and News page regularly for updates. You are welcome to follow Phoenix on Twitter and Linkedin, and please visit the company’s YouTube page.

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