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Fiber Optic In-Line Polarizers

Phoenix in-line fiber polarizers have been in the market for over 12 years. The company can boast the highest extinction ratio, largest bandwidth devices available on the market. Phoenix employs industry proven optical fiber evanescent field technology to fabricate the polarizers, and over the years Phoenix engineers have refined and improved the process providing the highest quality product at globally competitive prices.

Phoenix fiber optic in-line polarizers are produced by replacing the cladding in the locally processed region of the fiber with a polarization selective material. Within the polarizing region one polarization mode of the single mode fiber is highly attenuated and the other mode propagates with virtually no loss. Phoenix Fiber Polarizers readily achieve Extinction ratios above 50dB whilst maintaining extremely low transmission loss of the required polarization mode.


Fiber Polarizer Summary

Fiber Polarizer Features

> Central Wavelength, 1310nm, 1550nm

> Extinction Ratio, typically >35dB, max 55dB

> Insertion Loss, typically 0.5dB, max 1dB

> Bandwidth, up to 400nm



> High extinction ratio

> Low loss

> Near zero back reflection

> Low cost

> Very wide bandwidth

> Small size, rugged package

> All-fiber construction


Fiber Optic In-Line Polarizer - standard range

Available with singlemode or polarization maintaining pigtails with any standard connector type the standard fiber in-line polarizer range offers a high extinction ratio with low insertion loss.

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Fiber Optic In-Line Polarizer - enhanced range

The enhanced fiber in-line polarizer range shows the full capability of the evanescent field technology providing very high extinction ratio with low excess loss of the required polarization state over a wide band of wavelengths

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