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Fiber Optic Depolarizer

The Phoenix Photonics optical fiber depolarizer is an all-fiber Lyot type device producing pseudo-random polarization output, with low degree of polarization (DOP), for any input state of polarization (SOP).

The fiber optic in-line depolarizer is a passive device utilising the coherence properties of the source to randomise the SOP. For optimum performance the fiber depolarizers are designed to match the source spectrum and differing requirements of optical sources from broadband ASE’s to high power amplifier pump lasers.

Optical Fiber Depolarizer Summary

Fiber Depolarizer Features

> Very wide operating bandwidth 1240nm to 1640nm

> Degree of polarization <5%

> Insertion Loss, typically 0.2dB, max 0.5dB before connectors

> Price from £200


> Low DOP

> Low Insertion loss

> Near zero back reflection

> All-fiber construction

> Very wide wavelength operating range

> Passive operation

> Rugged packaging



Standard Fiber Optic Depolarizers

The standard fiber depolarizer range will depolarize a light source from >0.1nm linewidth and can be spliced or connected into a SM fiber system converting any arbitrary SOP to a depolarized output.

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Enhanced Fiber Optic Depolarizers

There are two options within the high performance range of depolarizers, both offering superior specification to the standard range of depolarizers.

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Raman Pump Laser Optical Fiber Depolarizer

Designed specifically for Raman amplifier pump applications, this compact version of the depolarizer has a PM fiber input for direct connection to the laser PM fiber pigtail.

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Optical Fiber Depolarizers Made to order

To ensure optimum performance Phoenix will design the depolarizer specifically to match the customer’s source spectrum. Contact us with the light source specification and we will design it specifically for your systems needs.

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