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6 State Polarization Synthesizer

Part of the Phoenix Photonics FirebirdTM range, the deterministic polarization controller module gives polarization state selection and maintenance. The on-board microprocessor is programmed through a simple PC interface to provide a range of pre-selected or user defined operations. The synthesizer complements other control modules in the range including standard polarization control and polarization tracking.

Pre-programmed polarization state options include:

•             Selection and scanning between; Vertical, Horizontal, Rt. Circular, Lt. Circular, +45, -45.

•             Single state selection using Stokes parameters.

•             Rotating half-waveplate and quarter waveplate.

The instrument uses a high extinction ratio, Phoenix all-fiber polarizer to reference the polarization state, giving high precision selection of State of Polarization with high effective extinction ratio.

The all-fibre polarization synthesizer operates using Phoenix’s unique thermal technology. This technique gives very stable polarization scanning with excellent environmental stability in comparison to competing technologies. In addition, the device is fundamentally less expensive to manufacture offering significant cost benefits while not affecting design and manufacturing quality.




Each fiber channel

Wavelength range


1530 – 1570; 1570 - 1620

Insertion Loss1



Return Loss1



Operating Temperature Range


0 to 50

Storage Temperature


-40 to +85

Effective extinction ratio of state


>25 (all states, all wavelengths)

Parameter setting

State of Polarization; pre-selected states, scanning waveplates, user defined setting

Communication interface


PC control

Software for full control


External mains 110V to 240V


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